New path unfolding

This weekend I realized I have a new reality and I have to face it.  I have fought too long quietly and alone.  I can’t shut down and I can no longer ignore it.  I am chronically ill- I have fibromyalgia and sick sinus syndrome with pacemaker.  The fibromyalgia being the worse of the two.

I am chronically ill but I am also a Mom, a friend, daughter, girlfriend and a business owner but most of all I am a person who is worthy of a great life.

I am near the end of my grieving period with the fibromyalgia diagnosis.  Now it’s time to learn how to manage.  To me, that means making changes and trying new things.

I’m excited and scared as I don’t know what the future holds for my health.  I am chronically ill but I am also stubborn and do not want to become my illness.  I want to enjoy life the best I can and get the best out of it.  I will  not be accepting of anything else.

I want to share my journey and experiences.  I hope to get a discussion going about chronic illness but also find time to share the awesome stuff in life.



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